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The « Conseil International des Organisations de Festivals de Folklore et d'arts traditionnels » (CIOFF) (International Council of Folklore Festival and Traditional Culture), an organisation under UNESCO - Formal Relations

Considering that folklore and traditional culture forms part of the heritage of humanity and that it is a powerful means of bringing together different peoples and social groups and of asserting their cultural identity

Noting that an increasing number of international government and no-governmental organisations are dealing general folklore and traditional culture

Underlining the desire of members in the CIOFF national section to define a cultural policy following the general consultation in July 1996

Given Article 6 of its Bylaws :
To maintain peace and strengthen friendship between countries, CIOFF promotes international understanding particularity in the field of folk art and folk culture, according to the principles of UNESCO
    and based on the proposal of the 1995 General Assembly in Denmark
    and based on the principles of :
        · the value of cultural heritage
        ·equality between heritage
        ·principle of understanding
        ·respect for heritage

Adopts the principles of the following « Charter » :

The goal of the « Charter » is to promote folklore in accordance with CIOFF's charter and in keeping with the UNESCO recommendations.

Its primary purpose is to promote folklore in the following areas :
        · Dissemination of folklore
        · International cooperation

In addition it will facilitate cooperation on :
        · Identification of folklore
        · Conservation of folklore
        · Preservation of folklore



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